Many major payment networks, schemes, and associations offer opportunities to create interfaces with their dispute management platforms.  We take advantage of these offerings to help our clients avoid the need to manually interact with each of these various systems. Instead, AdjustmentHub does the work for you. Here is a compilation of the interfaces we have developed or that are currently under development:

  1. Visa: VROL Bulk SI, RTSI – including Visa Claims Resolution (VCR)
  2. MasterCard: GCMS/IPM, MDS, and MCOM Pro
  3. Discover: DNDS
  4. NYCE
  5. PULSE
  6. STAR
  7. FIS
  8. First Data
  9. Elan
  10. Total Systems (TSYS)

Beyond the above, we integrate with third-party chargeback reduction services, such as Verifi CDRN and Ethoca Alerts, to provide issuers with the ability to resolve disputes directly with merchants to save time and money.