Lean Industries has published another white paper, this one on the subject of consumer self-service dispute processing in issuing environments.  Companies who offer a variety of payment products and services to consumers do not have the applications to properly enable self-service dispute management through various consumer engagement channels.  Different challenges exist that limit a financial institution’s ability to proactively engage with consumers for dispute processing needs through a historically passive customer engagement channel.

This paper will help your organization to fully consider the scope and complexity of offering dispute case creation services in an online, self-service environment.  Inside, you will read about the various impacts and opportunities you have to offer this type of value-added service to your customers.

To obtain your copy of this white paper, please contact us at marketing@leanindustries.com

Enjoy an excerpt from this white paper:

“Financial institutions have evolved the types of payment services and channels through which consumers can transact. Online and mobile banking have become de facto standards in the modern banking world.  However, certain vital customer service functions have remained entrenched in a legacy environment with consumers having to place phone calls to customer service representatives, or having to visit branches, in order to obtain different services.  One of the best examples of this is the initiation of an EFT dispute.

This white paper, composed by staff at Lean Industries, discusses the various implications of offering “self-service” capabilities directly to consumers through modern customer engagement channels – and the implications of this approach on an FI’s dispute management process. It lets the institutions evaluate a unique combination of in-house developed software and vendor-supplied software product options for self-service dispute management services.”