Multi-tenant support

Client Portals

Take advantage of all your data

Whether you are an organization that processes transactions for issuers, acquirers, or merchants of different sizes and shapes, AdjustmentHub can accommodate you. Due to the flexible nature of our case management engine, AdjustmentHub can adapt to processing environments with a diverse set of requirements. Our most notable implementation with a processor is a payments company that supplies the dispute processing services for 32 banks in Portugal.

Offer a portal for your card issuing and merchant acquiring clients that allows them to quickly and easily submit and respond to case data. Access to AdjustmentHub can be extended to your clients in a way that provides them with a consistent and effective way to manage their dispute cases – including sending and receiving chargebacks, processing adjustments to cardholders or merchants, and exchanging electronic documentation.

AdjustmentHub will gather and display data to assist issuers and acquirers in making correct and timely decisions about a dispute. The platform will aggregate and compile data about the transaction, the reason for the dispute, the cardholder and merchant in question, and the payment network that processed the transaction.

Integrate with payment networks

Painless communication with clients

Visualize your data and risk

Our payment network interfaces allow you to exchange dispute data automatically rather than through manual user actions. Our library of interfaces support protocols for Visa, MasterCard, STAR, NYCE, PULSE, and others.  Click here to learn about our expertise integrating with various payment networks.

Stop printing letters manually, scanning paper documents, or uploading them to different systems each time a document needs to be included with a case record.  Store all of your clients’ letter templates in AdjustmentHub and create and send correspondence to cardholders or merchants on the fly.

How many chargebacks did we manage this day, week, month? What’s our average case resolution time? Which transactions are being disputed the most?  Which disputes are we winning or losing?  Which merchants are attracting the most disputes? Answer these questions and many others with our reporting platform.

If you would like to learn more about us and our products, contact Jim on our relationship team.