Accurate workflow design and implementation has become a repeatable success story with our clients. Workflows play a crucial role in orchestrating the progression of a dispute.  We design workflows that are specifically focused on the handling of debit card, credit card, prepaid card, ATM, ACH, check, wire, bill pay, and other payment types. And of course, we take into account whether a dispute is categorized as fraud or not – as that plays a significant role in how issuers should handle them.

Our workflows take advantage of the following data in your enterprise:

  1. Customer data
  2. Card and account data
  3. Customer correspondence systems
  4. Transaction data, history, details
  5. Payment network details

Our process begins with a detailed examination of your current internal processes. We will investigate how you interact with various groups to resolve a single dispute, who is involved, what sub-processes need to be accounted for, and which systems supply critical data to ensure quality and accurate decision-making. We gather extensive information about your existing dispute management process and work with you to design a structured, streamlined process for each type of dispute you manage to maximize productivity, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

You will be engaging with our team of experts who have managed large dispute operations in issuing banks.  We understand the challenges you face today, so you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands.