AdjustmentHub is being implemented at a Top 10 US issuing bank.  The system will be used to manage more than 100,000 disputes a month. In order to simplify a complex case creation process, our customer will utilize our specialized API that consolidates the intake of cases from a number of customer engagement channels. There are two critical facets of the case creation that we pay careful attention to:

  1. Enabling cardholders to initiate disputes quickly
  2. Getting an accurate understanding of the dispute from the very start

In order to enable cardholders to initiate disputes easily and quickly, our client is engaging cardholders from all available channels including: online banking portals, mobile banking applications, call centers, branches, email and physical letters. Subsequently, when the cardholder initiates a dispute, our API generates the appropriate question sequence based on the selected transaction(s) and dynamically leads the cardholder through an intuitive questionnaire to get a complete and accurate representation of their case.

Our client is interfacing their front-end user-facing application as well as their customer service representative application to our API. By doing so, a consistent experience is delivered across online, mobile, call center and branch applications. In addition, we ensure all channels are covered by enabling analysts to retrieve emailed and mailed in letter cases via our client’s imaging and document storage systems.