Communicating effectively and promptly to your customers is not only vital for a positive customer experience, but is also a regulatory requirement in many markets.

Here is a list of communication channels AdjustmentHub enables:

  1. Letters
  2. Email
  3. Mobile banking applications
  4. Online banking portals
  5. SMS
  6. Fax


Whether we like it or not, printed/mailed letters remain as the de facto standard for customer correspondence in the dispute management world.  To simplify this sensitive process, AdjustmentHub provides cardholder communication templates for all types of scenarios you might encounter through the lifecycle of a dispute.  In addition, we’ve implemented interfaces to store images of letters in digital content management systems, and batch files for automating the printing and mailing of letters.

On the receiving end of the spectrum, we automatically match any incoming letter (typically stored in a document warehouse) to the appropriate case via digital bar codes that AdjustmentHub generates and tags on to outgoing letters.


Issuers have been modernizing their customer engagement platform and email is one tool that is nearly ubiquitous in all markets. Should the cardholder prefer email communication, AdjustmentHub renders boiler plate text designed by you as well as adds the required letter as an attachment and sends or receives it via email servers using standard protocols, such as SMTP and IMAP.

SMS (text)

Issuers may choose to send notifications via text messages.  If you enable this option to improve the level of customer engagement, AdjustmentHub sends notifications based on case status changes to your mobile messaging servers.

Mobile Banking Applications

Should you have your own mobile application for account management, AdjustmentHub enables notifications and document access via the application. Typically, in scenarios where banks have mobile applications the communication system is consolidated in an enterprise communication tool and document storage systems to which web service calls can be made by AdjustmentHub.

Online Banking Portals

As with mobile applications, online portals can be allowed access to notifications and documents from AdjustmentHub via enterprise communication and document storage systems.


Should there still be a need for faxing documents, AdjustmentHub connects directly to the bank’s fax server.