New industry regulations, innovative payment products, and platforms for dispute processing amplify the challenges you face as you reorganize your operations. Take for example, EMV liability shift, Apple Pay and Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) – each introduces complexities as you attempt to automate your dispute or claims management process.

AdjustmentHub can help you standardize the way you initiate, receive and process any disputed transaction. What this means for you is simplicity in overseeing your disputes operation in its entirety – we standardize processes, customer engagement, risk analysis, the management of regulation and compliance, and above all ease cost management. We offer our product to any financial institution in need of a solution to manage disputes for credit, debit, and prepaid cards, as well as ATM, POS, ACH, Bill Pay and Wire transactions.


Create a case, analyze it, take action, close case. Seems simple enough, but with numerous product types, various requirements concerning cardholder correspondence, networks (schemes), organizational processes, and regulation compliance – things get complicated, expensive, and hard to measure. AdjustmentHub is designed to streamline your operation.


Handling disputes for your merchants from a multitude of networks (schemes) that you acquire transactions through can be complicated. Not only that, but allowing your merchants to provide data in a timely manner can also be challenging. AdjustmentHub comes with a library of interfaces to allow communication with many of the major networks (schemes) and processors. AdjustmentHub also provides a simple way for merchants to interact with disputes related to them.


A significant challenge faced by processors is the complexity that arises from servicing a dual-facing, multi-tenant work stream for both issuers and acquirers. Segmenting the two dispute infrastructures poses significant challenges for teams, especially when considering the numerous network interactions and possible merchant or terminal owner interactions. AdjustmentHub utilizes the same underlying architecture for both Issuing and Acquiring operations, simplifying the process of handling disputes in a processor environment.

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