Auto case creation

Merchant / ISO Portal

Take advantage of your data

Chargebacks, retrieval requests, and dispute fee collections from any network  get neatly queued with the appropriate network data and documents into AdjustmentHub.

Offer a portal for your merchants and ISOs to quickly and easily submit dispute specific documents such as receipts, ATM journals, and merchant policies to contest chargebacks and fulfill retrieval requests.  In addition, this portal allows merchants and ISOs to initiate adjustments.

AdjustmentHub will gather and display data necessary to make decisions (automatically or manually) – data about the dispute, transaction, merchant / ISO and network specific details.

Integrate with payment networks

Painless Merchant / ISO correspondence

Visualize your data and risk

Our payment network interfaces allow you to exchange dispute data automatically rather than through manual user actions. Our library of interfaces support protocols for Visa, MasterCard, STAR, NYCE, PULSE, and others.  Click here to learn about our expertise integrating with various payment networks.

Stop scanning the same documents with slightly different names and numbers. Store letter templates in AdjustmentHub and attach to cases as needed.

How many chargebacks did we receive this day, week, month? What’s our average fulfillment and representment turnaround time? Which merchants are attracting the most disputes? Answer these questions and many others with our reporting platform.

If you would like to learn more about us and our products, contact Jim on our relationship team.